Auschwitz tour helps pupils understand Holocaust horrors

Pupils entering Auchswitz

Two days in Kraków helped our fifth year historians and religious studies pupils learn more about the horrors of the Holocaust.

Pupils touring Krakow

Our pupils spent their first day exploring the city’s old Jewish quarter where they visited synagogues, the ghetto in Kazimierz and Oskar Schindler’s factory before enjoying a traditional Jewish meal and entertainment from klezmer musicians.

Auchswitz tour

The following day involved a sobering visit to concentration camps Auschwitz I and II, where the group were given a tremendously moving tour of both sites.

Pupils at Auchswitz

After taking time out to reflect on all that they had seen and heard that morning, the group later descended 135 metres below ground to explore Wieliczka’s fascinating 13th century salt mines.

“A moving experience”

Pupil Francesca Bailey found the trip very worthwhile:

Visiting Auschwitz was a moving experience which brought the images I learned in lessons to life. It was incredible to see the conditions the people had to live in.

Pupils in Krakow

Head of religion and philosophy Mr Jamie Swann added:

Our pupils had a very meaningful two days and gained a new level of understanding of the Holocaust.

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