MUN: Stockport Grammar hosts 150 delegates

MUN organising committee

150 delegates joined us to debate complex world issues at our own Model United Nations (MUN) conference.

MUN speaker

Our usual sixth form debaters turned organisers at the event, overseeing the committees in which pupils from other schools acted as their designated country’s diplomats to deliberate over issues that face the real United Nations.

MUN committee

Guest speakers during the weekend included Amnesty International‘s Linda Bacon, EduCaid‘s Miriam Mason-Sesay on the impact of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Old Stopfordian Arian Nikkhah on his experiences working with the UN.

Amnesty International's Linda Bacon

Amnesty International’s Linda Bacon

The speeches all helped the delegates further their knowledge of the topics they debated, which ranged from the Gaza Strip, the Chinese economy and equal rights to child soldiers, human trafficking and the growing threat of Ebola.

Organising team

Thanks to all the delegates, volunteers, Mrs Esther Suttle, Mr Nigel Browne and the organising team for helping to make the conference such a huge success:

Secretary general – Jennifer Kent
Deputy secretary general – Jeremy Dunn
Organising committee – Leah Allcock, Anna Madden, Alex Mayo, Amber Reece-Greenhalgh, Alex Smith and Liza Vul

Recent conference successes

Eight of our MUN debaters won awards, including a prestigious outstanding delegate prize, at a conference at Cheadle Hulme back in October.

MUN Chile delegation

Chile delegation at Cheadle Hulme

Earlier in the year, seven debaters won top awards at a huge conference in Edinburgh and our less experienced debaters had a fantastic day at a local conference for younger pupils.

Extracurricular activities

MUN is part our extracurricular provision which was judged to be outstanding in the school’s most recent Independent Schools Inspectorate inspection.

MUN team outside George Watson's College

Conference at George Watson’s College, Edinburgh

As well as regularly attending conferences around the country, our pupils also take part in smaller debates at lunch and after school which give younger debaters the chance to try the activity.

Mini Model United Nations club

MUN lunchtime debate

See our extracurricular activities pages for full details of our programme of co-curricular activities throughout the senior school.

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