Drama: curtain comes down on hilarious comedy

Blunders and Bloomers cast photo

Two hilarious nights of theatrical comedy saw our upper school pupils spoof the workings of an amateur dramatics society in Blunders and Bloomers.

Another Blunders and Bloomers scene

Our cast of nearly 30 pupils purposefully performed their parts badly during three short plays from Michael Green’s The Art of Coarse Acting, with each show descending into chaos for the actors and backstage crew – all for the benefit of our two sellout audiences.

Blunders and Bloomers actor

“Director” Luke Berry and his team tackled three different acting styles in a gritty northern drama, a murder mystery and a period classic, with our pupils grasping the comic timing needed to make the show such a success.

Blunders and Bloomers scene

Off stage, the real-life show ran without a hitch thanks to the hard work of director, producer and head of drama Mrs Alison Moffatt, aided by Mrs Sarah Johnson and Mr Tom Byrne, and a huge production team of pupils and staff, who dealt with everything from lighting to costumes.

“All the pupils worked so hard”

Mrs Moffatt enjoyed the show as much as the audience did:

My thanks goes to all the staff who helped with the production and to all the pupils who worked so hard on and off the stage. We have laughed a lot and pulled together as a team through the wonderful experience that is putting on a show!

Lower school production

Next up for the drama team is March’s lower school production, with more details and ticket information to follow in the coming weeks.

Godspell finale

Our last major production was March 2014’s Godspell, when a fantastic main cast backed by a chorus of nearly 60 pupils told the show’s timeless tale of friendship, loyalty and love, featuring a sparkling score by Grammy and Academy award-winning composer Stephen Schwartz.

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