Nursery scientists learn all about absorption

Teacher helping girl add water

Children as young as three have been conducting scientific experiments and learning all about absorption in our nursery class.

Each child picked some colourful water beads, donned their special scientists’ specs and added a tiny amount of water to a tub containing the spheres.

Girl with beads

Just like the older children would in their science classes further up the school, the boys and girls predicted what would happen to the beads so they could compare their guesses to the real results.

Teacher helping boy add water

The children returned to their tubs the next day to see that the balls had absorbed all of the liquid – leaving them all amazed that the beads had grown so much and that the water had disappeared!

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Children join our nursery in the September following their third birthday and automatically move into the reception classes at the end of the year.

Boy on spacehopper

The nursery will be open at our junior school open event on Saturday 9th May 2015 for your child to explore and for you to chat to manager Miss Carla Peake and her staff.

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