Quiz grand final won by Nicholson house!

Nicholson house pupil celebrating

Quizzers from Nicholson won our junior school house quiz for the first time ever after triumphing in this year’s grand final.

Warren house quizzers

Quizmaster Mr Malcolm Johnson fired questions on general knowledge, Stockport Grammar and sport at the four teams of pupils from years three to six, with each correct answer scoring two points for their house.

House quiz physical challenge

House points – which go towards earning pupils small rewards throughout the school year – were also up for grabs in the physical challenges after each round, all while the contestants were cheered on by an audience made up of the rest of the year groups.

Brave quizzers

Mr Johnson congratulated the quizzers for being brave enough to answer questions in front of the rest of the school:

Well done to all those pupils who took part and clearly enjoyed themselves!

There has to be a winner though, and this year it was Nicholson. Their general knowledge was only bettered by their ability to suck raisins onto a straw in the physical challenge! Well done!

Final standings

  1. Nicholson: 146
  2. Warren: 132
  3. Vernon: 125
  4. Arden: 99

Eager quizzer

Nicholson house’s winning team were:

  • Sachin Gholkar
  • Jessica Jones
  • Lukas Henry
  • Alfie Smith
  • Matthew Harbridge
  • Isla Forbes
  • Darcy Entwistle
  • George Elvin

New house captains

Each team was assisted by our new junior school house captains, as well as the senior school captains from Warren house.

Spring term junior house captains

Junior school house captains

Helping with the quiz is just one of the duties our newly-appointed house captains – who chatted to us at the start of January about what their new roles will involve – will undertake this spring.

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