Artists inspired by Liverpool galleries

Artists outside Tate Liverpool

Liverpool’s Tate and Walker art galleries provided plenty of inspiration for our pupils’ forthcoming GCSE exam.

Artists sketching

Both galleries’ recent rehangs let our artists explore fresh displays from the likes of newcomer Tabitha Moses to the iconic Andy Warhol that they wouldn’t have had the chance to see before.

Artist sketching

It’s always hugely beneficial for our pupils to see “live” work, and the trip let them gather source material and contextual information ahead of their GCSE later in the spring term.

“Always a delight”

Head of art, design and technology Mr Richard Davies told us about the highlights of the day:

The Walker’s collection is always a delight and Tate Liverpool had displayed a wide range of significant British and European works under the theme of constellation.

The highlight though was Warhol’s Transmitting exhibition that gathered work from the artist’s eclectic portfolio including graphics, film and music as well as his more widely-known screenprints.

London galleries trip

Art inspired by the trip will feature in our annual exhibition at school on Wednesday 13th May 2015.

Artists outside Royal Academy

Artists outside Royal Academy

Our GCSE pupils’ work will be displayed at the exhibition alongside final pieces by our A-level artists, whose most recent trip took them to London to visit Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery and the Anselm Kiefer exhibition at the Royal Academy.

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