Blue Peter badge for Luke’s new school letter

Luke Constantine-Williams

Luke Constantine-Williams has won a Blue Peter badge for writing about how his new friends look after each other after he moved to our junior school last year.

Seven-year-old Luke joined Stockport Grammar in September after his old school closed and wrote to the show in the hope that his story might help other children who are worried about moving schools.

“There really wasn’t any reason to worry”

Luke wrote:

Luke's letter to Blue Peter

I was very scared about going to my new school. I told my mum that I wouldn’t know anyone there and that I wanted to stay where I was. My mum told me that my old school was closing down so I had to go to a new school and this made me very sad. I was worried that I would not make any friends in my new school or they would not like me. My mum told me that some of my friends would be going to the new school as she had spoken to their mums. This made me happy but still a little scared.

My mum told me that if I felt scared, lonely or unhappy that I must tell a teacher and tell her, and they would help. After a few weeks I started to make new friends and enjoy myself. There really wasn’t any reason to worry.

I have now been at my new school for four months and I have settled in quite well. The teachers are very nice and I have made new friends. We help and look after each other. I’m really enjoying my new school, but I still miss my old school.

I wrote this story hoping that it might help other children going to new schools to show that it is good to talk to a teacher or mum if you feel sad or lonely in your new school.

His coveted Blue Peter badge will let Luke gain free entry into over 200 attractions around the UK.

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