Economists trade stocks and shares

Business and economics pupils have traded stocks and shares and picked up investment tips from the Bank of New York Mellon so far this spring term.

The Institute of Financial Services student investor challenge saw teams of four invest £100,000 of virtual money in the stock market.

The school’s winning team of James Longbottom, Jaimin Lakhani, Thomas Stead and Adit Kulkarni (pictured) finished in the top 25% nationally with a 10% return on their investment.

“Fantastic opportunity”

Winning team member Jaimin said:

The competition gave us a fantastic opportunity to trade in real-world markets, but without the risk!

Three of the team hope to do economics-related courses at university, and we’re sure that we’ll be able to apply what we’ve learned to our future studies and careers.

£8,500 profit

The winning team’s performance was nearly matched by two groups of fourth year pupils who attend our share and investment club and finished second and third in the school competition.

Chris Corcoran from the second-placed team said:

We made £8,500 on a £100,000 investment, which is much more than you’d make in interest from keeping your cash in a savings account.

The game’s definitely given me more of a taste for business and economics and I’d like to study one of them at A-level.

Trading with BNY Mellon

Investment bankers from the Bank of New York Mellon, including Old Stopfordian Christopher Lyon (OS 2004), also put our upper sixth business and economics pupils to the test when they joined us for a game of Fundopoly.

Fundopoly team

Fundopoly is played by the bank’s own employees as a training exercise and made pupils react to market forces as they bought and sold fictional stocks and shares.

Fundopoly trading

The game was won by Will Hanson, Adam North, Mark Ray and Yemi Lijadu, who made the biggest return on their investment.

Lectures and revision

Transport planner Richard Barnes also joined us once again to discuss economic modelling and sustainability and accessibility policies with our sixth form economists and geographers.

Transport lecture

Transport lecture

An exam coaching workshop in Salford also helped our business studies pupils fine-tune their preparation for the summer exams in what’s been a busy start to 2015 for the business and economics department.

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