Harry Potter night is lit fest highlight

Pupils on platform 9 3/4

A Harry Potter book night and the visit of poet John Hegley have been among the highlights of this year’s library literary festival.

Harry Potter book night

Witches and wizards boarded the Hogwarts Express at platform nine and three-quarters and found themselves in our magically transformed, candlelit library on Bloomsbury Books’ first ever Harry Potter book night.

Pupil in sorting hat

After the sorting hat placed them into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin house, pupils supped butterbeer, took part in a treasure hunt and competed against each other in a Harry Potter quiz.

“Days like today make teaching so special”

Junior school Potterheads also joined in the fun, and teacher Mrs Joan Mercer said that it was a special day for the children:

My class absolutely loved it. They returned to the junior school completely fired up by the whole event and didn’t stop talking about it all day.

It’s days like today that make teaching so special!

Poetry with John Hegley

John Hegley also joined us during the festival to entertain three audiences of English classes and junior school pupils with his poetry and comedy.

John Hegley

“The people’s poet laureate” provided lots of laughs, audience participation and songs about guillemots as he helped pupils explore the power of poetry and the different forms it can take.

Book speed dating

Other highlights of the lit fest included Pearson’s Read for My School readathon, and the return of our Valentine’s book speed dating.

Book speed dating 2014

Book speed dating 2014

At book speed dating, pupils spend three minutes at tables of novels from different genres and need to use their time wisely to look at the books’ covers, blurbs and first few pages.

Pupils at book speed dating

Book speed dating 2014

Once the time is up, they have to leave their new love behind and meet a new novel from another genre – all while noting down and discussing which books they’d like to take home to meet their parents!

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