Mill trip: infants study natural materials

1S at Quarry Bank Mill

A trip to Quarry Bank Mill helped our infants learn all about natural materials.

Spinning cotton at Quarry Bank Mill

The trip to the National Trust property was part of the children’s science topic, and a walk around the mill’s surrounding woodland let them investigate the naturally-occurring materials that they had been learning about.

1R children at Quarry Bank Mill

What they found in the woods let them create collages, weave with leaves and make tree-rubbings, all after a tour of the working cotton mill which showed them how life would have been for somebody working there in the 1800s.

“I liked pretending I worked in the mill”

Erin Roberts from class 1R let us know what she enjoyed most about the day:

I liked carrying the cans of cotton from one place to another, pretending I was working in the mill.

Sophia Bousfield from 1R told us that she “really liked weaving with the sticks and the leaves”, while Alayna Ahmed and Marleigh Coster from 1S said that their favourite part was watching the water wheel in the mill and seeing the lady clean the raw cotton.

Design tech workshop visit

The infants also learned about man-made materials when they visited the senior school design technology workshop in January.

Y1S visiting design tech

The children saw how different types of metal and plastic can be manipulated, moulded and shaped, and were even lucky enough to see the department’s laser cutter in action!

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