Maths challengers finish in UK’s top 1%

Primary maths challenge medal winners

Nicholas Othen and Vainavi Trivedi have won medals in the Mathematical Association primary maths challenge national round – a first for pupils at the school.

Nicholas’s silver medal places him in the top 0.3% in the UK, while Vainavi’s bronze means she’s in the highest 0.7%.

80,000 pupils from over 2,000 schools entered this year’s contest, with Nicholas and Vainavi being two of 1,194 high-scorers to qualify for the national round.

School maths challenge

Year six pupils Nicholas and Vainavi’s successes are their second of the year after they won prizes in our own maths challenge in February.

Maths challenge winning house

Nicholas was a member of the competition’s winning team, while Vainavi helped Arden (pictured above) take the house prize.

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