Poetry competitors take centre stage

Poetry competition winners

This year’s poetry by heart competition saw every junior school class from reception to year six take part with pupils learning and reciting their favourite poems.

Poetry competition competitor

Each class held its own competition and nominated a winner to represent them in the grand final judged by senior school head of lower school and English teacher Mrs Helen Lawson.

Overall winners

The overall infants, lower juniors and upper juniors winners were:

  • Finn Haisley with Silly Old Baboon by Spike Milligan
  • Blake Weedon with Mutinous Jack in the Box by John Cunliffe
  • Adam Murray with Cecil the Caterpillar

“A charming occasion”

Mrs Lawson was very impressed:

The standard of the competitors was as high as ever this year, making my decisions very tough indeed!

There was a lovely variety of poems, and the children impressed me with their ability to learn the text, deliver it with great expression, and command the stage in front of the whole junior school – no mean feat for anyone, let alone a young person.

It was a charming occasion, and remains one of my favourite events in the school calendar.

Expressive performances

Junior school teacher Mrs Sarah Coombes organised the competition and was delighted with the children’s performances:

All the children were amazing. I was so impressed how they remembered all their words. They recited their poems confidently using lots of expression.

Well done to everyone who took part!

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