Science day: year one build boats and parachutes

Boys with foil parachute

A science day based on Stuck by Oliver Jeffers has had our year one children testing different types of material.

Girls testing plastic parachute

Parents and grandparents joined the boys and girls to help them make parachutes and boats from fabric, tinfoil and plastic.

Boy with parachute

Once built, the children tested their parachutes in the air and boats on the water to see if they matched the predictions they’d made earlier in the day.

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

The activities were based on Oliver Jeffers’ Stuck which tells the story of a boy who gets his kite stuck in a tree and throws things up as he tries to shift it.

Mum and son making parachute

Like in the book, the children flinged their mini parachutes in the air to see just how high they would go.

Open morning

Parents will be welcomed back to take part in activities at our junior school open morning on Saturday 9th May 2015.

Tim Wheeler with children

Headmaster Mr Tim Wheeler would be delighted to welcome you and your child to the event so that you can see our school and meet our staff.

Girls working together

The nursery will also be open for your child to explore and for you to meet manager Miss Carla Peake and chat about how they operate on a usual day.

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