Castleton residential: three days of fun!

Pupils at youth hostel

Castleton became the temporary home of every child in year six when they visited the Derbyshire Dales for three days of outdoor activities.

Girls on walk

Based at Losehill Hall, the children made the most of the weather and the youth hostel’s team-building and puzzle-solving exercises.

Pupils around campfire

The nearby village was also perfect for walks in the evening sunshine and a GPS map-reading challenge.

Bushcraft activities

Slightly further afield, whittling sticks, starting fires and building dens in the woods was a highlight for pupils and teachers alike.

Boys in den

Teams were given an hour to build their dens from sticks, rocks, string and tarpaulin – which were then put to the test by our teachers and a bucket of cold water!

Mountain rescue talk

The children were also joined for a talk by Nick Shepherd and Dolly the rescue dog from Kinder mountain rescue team.

Pupils with Dolly the sheepdog

They were fascinated by the tales of difficult and dangerous rescues as well as the demonstrations of how dogs do their amazing work in the local mountains.

Cinema night

After a fabulous adventure which will be remembered for a long time to come, a cinema night provided our adventurers with a chance to rest.

Girls with bread

As well as their popcorn, they were also able to feast on Isabel Marshall’s homemade birthday cake – baked by Mrs Marshall for a whole 61 children!

Junior school open morning: Saturday 9th May

Our next junior school open morning takes place this Saturday 9th May from 10am to 12pm.

Pupils with stained-glass window

Headmaster Mr Tim Wheeler, our children and staff will be delighted to welcome you to the event. The nursery will also be open for your child to explore and for you to chat to manager Miss Carla Peake and her staff.

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