High-profile Old Stops give media insight

Old Stops London event panel

Old Stops, staff and friends gathered at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London in March for an exclusive insight into the media world with a panel of three high-profile guests.

Our guests were:

  • Lucy Cotter (OS 1998), media, arts and entertainment correspondent for Sky News
  • Di Dougherty (née Stewart) (OS 1997), co-presenter on Sky Sports’ Saturday morning show Game Changers
  • Clare Francis (OS 1994), editor-in-chief at MoneySuperMarket

Behind-the-scenes tales

In conversation with senior deputy headmaster Mr David Howson, the panel revealed some entertaining behind-the-scenes tales, talked about career progression, and all three discussed balancing family life with demanding work schedules.

For Lucy, the event followed an intense day of interviews and coverage on the Jeremy Clarkson story. David also took the panel on a trip down memory lane reminiscing over school plays and teachers.

“I do what I do now because of school”

Speaking about her Stockport Grammar School days, Di recalled:

One of the reasons I do what I do now is because of school. I loved sport and I was a house captain. I look back on my years there and think I was incredibly lucky.

When questioned about how they came from “the rainclouds of the A6 to the bright lights of the media,” Lucy recalled starting out at local radio stations and patiently covering eight hour news stories about cats stuck in trees, while Di remembered touting for a job in a pub car park in Twickenham and Clare spoke about her placement in the money news editorial team at the Times.

Audience Q&A

Questions from the audience covered everything from tips on getting into the industry, ageism on TV, non-biased news coverage and the future of investigative journalism. Clare encouraged those just starting out in the media to take full advantage of the opportunities now available online.

Following the interview, guests gathered for drinks and a catch up in the bar.

The evening was one of a series of annual events held in London and we look forward to welcoming plenty more Old Stops at future events in the city.

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