Leaders’ debate ends first year election week

First year general election leaders debate

A leaders’ debate between our first year pupils rounded off their week of general election-themed activities.

Our masked mini politicians delivered speeches and debated issues from their chosen parties’ viewpoints in front of the whole year group.

Researching the parties

The eight debaters prepared for the hustings by researching and discussing each party’s policies in a pair of meetings before the assembly.

Head of first year Mrs Esther Suttle was really proud of the pupils, saying that the debaters spoke at a high intellectual level and that the audience clearly knew a lot about politics.

The debate came during a week of politics-themed discussions during form time when all of our first years learned about how Thursday’s general election will work.

Sixth form mock election

Our sixth form debaters would also have been proud of the quality of our first year politicians’ research.

Sixth form general election leaders' debate

Sixth form leaders’ debate

They enjoyed their own mock general election before the Easter break, featuring party political broadcasts and a seven-way leaders’ debate in front of a packed library that included plenty of interested first years.

Sixth form general election debater

Although the majority of our pupils are not old enough to vote on Thursday, the last few weeks of activities at Stockport Grammar will mean that they are well-equipped to discuss the results.

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