World War Two day: children spend day as evacuees

Girl queueing for food on WW2 day

Historians in the juniors made-do-and-mended and dug for victory on their annual World War Two day.

Mr Johnson and boys on WW2 day

The day sees our year five children arrive at Stockport Grammar in 1940s costume as they learn about what life would have been like for a second war world war evacuee.

Wartime cooking

After learning first aid with Mr “Major Eyes-Water” Johnson and doll-making with Mrs Karen “Pinkerton-Smythe” Wells, the children cooked with rations in Mrs Alison “Peggie Washing-Out” Sullivan’s wartime kitchen.

Boys in gas masks on WW2 day

Her vegetable pie, corned beef hash and sugar butties proved to be good sustenance ahead of a sing-song in the air-raid shelter.

Boys on WW2 day

War is over!

After the news that war was over reached Stockport Grammar, the children returned safely to their history lessons where their experiences from the day will help them further their understanding of the war.

Girl sewing on WW2 day

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