Year 6 excited as they all become prefects

The Junior School announced the House Captains and the various team captains for the year but, for the first time ever, every member of Year 6 has been made a prefect.

The Junior School is very keen to instil in the children the notion that, as the older pupils in the school, there are increased expectations of them. Each child is being asked to take on some responsibility within the school, whether it be working with the younger children, acting as buddies in the playground or helping run the library.

We asked some of the prefects what they were most looking forward to in Year 6:

Gaby Owen said, “to playing more matches in hockey and netball.” Also excited about sport were Sarim Noman who is excited about “playing rugby” and Tom Perfect who is looking forward to “the football matches.”

Holly Smith said, “going on the London trip, I’m very excited about it.” Joe Hughes is also excited about the trip to London, he said he is, “most looking forward to the London trip, particularly the Harry Potter experience and the Globe Theatre.”

Ashlyn Orr is diving straight into the role of a prefect telling us she is happy to have, “more responsibility in looking after the little children.” Miriam Sharif  is also looking forward to, “being more helpful round school and doing more clubs.”

Each Year 6 pupil was awarded their badge by the Headmaster in a special assembly last week.

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