Juniors live like Romans and Vikings on York trip

Year 4 York Trip

Children from year four spent two days in York on a fun-packed overnight trip with the school.

Year 4 York Trip

Roman day

Our pupils’ first day was at Murton Park’s Danelaw dark age village where, once they had dressed up as Romans, they faced a day of hard work to both maintain and defend their new settlement and to be able to see through the helmets!

Year 4 York Trip

Some of the pupils were guards while others practised weapons training and made oil lamps. Lara Mathen thoroughly enjoyed her time in York, she said:

Our hotel was really nice with yummy food. After tea we went for a run around York racecourse. The track is 2 miles long so we only did half of it. At 7pm we had a Roman activity evening where we did some brass rubbing, coloured in illuminated letters and made a leather bracelet. 

Year 4 York Trip

On the following day the pupils visited the Castle Museum in York. Frazer Assheton-Smith described their activities:

The Victorian street was really interesting with a real sweet shop, dungeons, and an old toy shop. There were sounds played to make us believe we were actually in Victorian times. The toy museum had a lot of things from the past 100 years – the teachers all recognised a lot of toys from when they were young!

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Lucas Henry also told us:

We all had a workshop as well on the use of electricity in WW1. We made a Morse code machine in pairs using a simple circuit. That activity got very noisy as we practised sending messages to each other.

Year 4 York Trip

Viking life

After lunch in the Merchant Adventurers Hall the pupils visited the Jorvik centre. Inside there was a glass floor which showed a Viking house underneath. Niamh Bentley described what she discovered:

We learnt that the house would sleep whole extended families with children under 12 sleeping on the ground. We then travelled on a carriage through a Viking village. There were people going about their lives and showing us how they lived and worked – the smell was horrible!

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