Juniors learn through delicious treats

Year 3 visited Tesco last week to take part in their Farm to Fork initiative which is a nationwide project dedicated to getting children interested in where their food comes from.

Upon arrival the children were given a bib, clipboard, pencil and paper hat to wear as they toured around the store.

They had the opportunity to look at food, feel textures and taste different cheeses such as Cheddar and Wensleydale, talking about animals that have produced these. Mohammed Abuhoraira said:

We got to taste lots of cheeses, some of them did not taste very nice but the cheddar was delicious.

Farm-to-Fork (3)

They then went to the fish counter and learnt about how fish swim and live in different waters. The children held mackerel and sardines, closely examining the gills and scales.  Some children had eaten it but had no idea what they looked like whole. Noor Farooq said:

It was really good to see when Carol took the squid out of its little house.

Farm-to-Fork (4)

The bakery was the third stop where they were taught how flour is made from grain and all about the ingredients used to make bread. They learnt about the various ovens and moulds that allow the bread to be made into baguette shapes and doughnuts as well as what happens to bread in a prover. They saw, felt and smelt yeast and discussed how it is a living thing. Thomas Alexander described the bakery:

In the bakery we saw an oven that was longer than us!

Farm-to-Fork (2)

The last stop was the fruit and vegetables where they looked at coconuts and the products that can be made from them such as milk, oil, shampoo and chocolates. The children were given the chance to open a fresh box of bananas that had come from Columbia and discussed the fact that when they arrive they are green and wet as they produce a gas. They also looked at lots of exotic fruits like pomelos, persimmon and pomegranates.

The pupils had a fascinating and educational day where they tasted the mackerel and salmon on bread and best of all were given pizza making flour for when they make their own pizzas in class next week.

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