Juniors become warriors during Celts day!

Junior School pupils have been bringing the Celts to life as part of their Humanities lessons.

Year 4, having learnt all about Celts and Romans, daubed war paint and smeared hair gel before delivering speeches as the great warrior queen, Boudicca.

Celts (1)

Warrior speeches

Bringing the Celts thoroughly into the modern age, the speeches were recorded on iPads for replaying to the rest of the class

Inspiring speeches 

Celts (2)

Zimar Jatoi

I call on you all to follow me into battle. We were victorious in the last battle so we can be triumphant once more. 

Olivia Cartwright

Fight bravely, my trustworthy and strong Celtic tribes. Let us not be invaded and cheated by these legionaries, they are bullies. Stand up and be proud!

Jessica Ray

Be proud to fight for our land. The Romans won’t win. Not today. Now who’s with me?

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