Puzzle day: juniors learn through fun team tasks

The Happy Puzzle Company visited the junior school this week to run their exciting Puzzle Challenge Day.

Each year group took turns to spend an hour in the school’s main hall where they were divided into teams and put to the test with a series of fun challenges.

Puzzle Day (4)

The pupils were given various 3D puzzles to solve, none of them were impossible, although some of them were tricky and required team work in order to solve them. James Carr said:

It was interesting to try different puzzles that needed a variety of skills to complete. I would like to have another chance to try more puzzles in the future.

Puzzle Day (17)

The children particularly enjoyed Perilous Penguins where the task was to get all of the penguins to balance at the same time on an iceberg without them falling off and the Trapezium puzzle where all the different coloured trapeziums had to slot together with no two colours the same next to each other. Blake Weedon:

Puzzle Day was amazing. It taught us how to work together as a team to solve the challenges. I really enjoyed it.

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