Warren House are number one in the Maths challenge

This year’s Junior School Maths challenge was won by Warren House as they saw off the challenge of Arden (2nd), Vernon (3rd) and Nicholson (4th) Houses.

The competition, which was run by the Senior School Maths teachers and took place in the Main Hall, tested the pupils’ mathematical skills as they competed in fun rounds of quizzes. As you can see from the picture, the House were delighted to come out on top!

There were also prizes for a winning team – and this year it was “Team 6” who emerged victorious. The team consisted of Harry Brown, Bella Platt, Harley Haughton and Holly Smith and they were awarded BrainBox maths games – in addition to certificates – to mark their achievement.

Maths challange - winning team

The winners from Warren House were:

  • Jenna Kenyon
  • Orly Bonar
  • Sam Foster
  • Isabel White
  • Joshua Patel
  • Libby Porter
  • Lily Amet
  • Hayley Collins
  • Murtaza Abbasali
  • Patrick Wilkinson
  • Alex Perkin
  • Charlie Harrison
  • Thomas Hodgson
  • Sophie Pickup
  • Thomas Loveday
  • Edward Hukin
  • Oscar Davies
  • Annabel Mobley
  • Honey West

It was a great event and it was good to see the teams working together throughout the competition. We wonder which House will win next year!

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