Year 6 fall in love with London

Early (and for the weary adults, perhaps a little too early) on a Saturday morning, 63 excited members of Year 6 boarded the coach for their trip to London.

First stop was The Globe, where they were taken on a fascinating guided tour before happening upon a lively demonstration of stage combat. With the weather against us, they relied on the coach for a tour of the sights, disembarking for a look at Buckingham Palace and Westminster.

Pizza (unlimited!) followed and then a performance of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.



Sunday morning started with a quick walk to Wembley to see the new stadium and then off to the Harry Potter Experience, a fascinating look behind (under and around) the scenes from the movies. The three hours in the studios sped by as they saw costumes, sets, models and masks and they were thoroughly Harry Pottered by the time they got back on the coach for the journey home.

A packed trip, exhausting without question (especially if you’re a grown up), but absolutely great fun!

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