Outdoor lesson passes the test with Physics pupils

First and Third Year pupils had the opportunity to apply their Physics knowledge during an outdoor lesson that involved a tug of war, den building and infrared cameras!

Physics teacher Miss Aspinall arranged for six University of Derby students to help her deliver some practical activities outside that would test the pupils’ knowledge of recently covered Physics concepts.

The First Year pupils demonstrated their understanding of light, energy and forces by participating in an energy circuit, measuring the lengths of their shadows and a tug of war activity.

1st Years measuring the length of shadows

The tug of war got the vote as the most engaging and educational activity as pupils liked the fact that they could feel the forces at work and determine what a resultant force was. The competitive element and the opportunity to challenge their classmates also found favour too!

Later in the day Third Year pupils had the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of heat transfer processes by measuring their body temperature with an infrared camera and building energy efficient dens. The pupils found the task really enjoyable as it helped them develop their understanding of thermal imaging by looking at the infrared pictures taken on mobile phones and iPads.

Infrared - 3rd Years testing out their dens

Pupils enjoyed the opportunity to learn outside, work in groups and participate in lots of practical activities. They felt that learning practically helped them to understand the concepts better and they were able to relate it back to what they learnt in class. One pupil remarked that: “It was a change from the usual lessons and I thoroughly enjoyed it; even though it was cold! The teachers were very nice and it was a more fun lesson being outside doing practical activities. In my opinion, I find I learn more when doing practical activities.”

Thanks to the University of Derby students for their help planning and delivering the lessons and we look forward to hosting another one soon – maybe when the weather is warmer!

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