Three days of fun in the Derbyshire sun

Year 6 pupils enjoyed an action-packed trip to Castleton for their annual residential trip.

Less than 90 minutes from school lies Losehill Hall youth hostel, surrounded by its own farmland full of sheep, trees and birds.

The children enjoyed the freedom to explore the grounds, play football and make dens before their activities started.


On the first day, they worked in groups to build a stepping stone path before seeing who could cross their path first whilst carrying a jug of water.

They also completed the Jumblies Challenge which saw them hunting for anagrams hidden around the youth hostel grounds and solving them.

They ended their night by baking their own bread and watching films.


The next day, the group went on a long hike through the Peak District and climbed Mam Tor. They also built shelters in the woods and learnt how to start fires with flint and steel.

In the evening they built rockets using a range of materials before seeing if they could launch them without breaking the egg that they had placed on board.


On their final day, pupils carried out an orienteering GPS challenge in and around Castleton village.

Thomas Hodgson, from 6J, said: “Castleton was great. The best thing was the freedom we had. We could do whatever we wanted from playing to climbing trees, and we got to play all the time.”

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