Adventurers have an ace time at Bushcraft weekend

63 adventurous third year pupils travelled to the Cheshire countryside in June to take part in an interactive Bushcraft weekend.

The three day excursion to Cholmondeley saw the boys and girls learn about shelters, fires, first aid and other important aspects of survival in the wild.

Upon arrival the pupils were split up into two camps and got straight to the first task of making a fire before having some food and taking part in a camouflage and concealment game. The next important job was to work on the shelter that would be home for the weekend by using materials including tarp, paracords, pegs, branches and any other resources they could find in the forest.

Bushcraft 2016 - fire

The second day focussed on first aid. The adventurers were told to assess their surroundings and locate any unconscious casualties, and were briefed on the necessary steps to give the person the highest chance of surviving. They then had to react to a ‘real life’ situation with Mr Silk and Mrs Goddard acting as the injured parties in a plane crash. Pupil Alfred enjoyed this test as they “generally handled it well but it was extremely amusing as the teachers pretending to be ill were inadvertently very funny!”

Day three saw the pupils learn about traps and how there were different types of traps for different animals.

Bushcraft 2016 - tent

Pupils then had to put all of the skills they had learned into one challenge: the bushcraft challenge. Competitors were tasked with building a model of a shelter, a strong fire and a working trap and their efforts were then graded by the camp leaders.

Bushcraft 2016 - face paint

Felix had a great time at the Bushcraft weekend: “It was a hugely enjoyable experience and quite different to any trips I have been on before. There was a great atmosphere on the camp all weekend and there was a great sense of involvement amongst the leaders and the pupils. It was fun sleeping out under the summer night sky and definitely a very worthwhile and fun experience.”

Alfred agreed and concluded: “Pupils can expect to come off this trip with greater respect for the natural world and have some great memories”.

Photos from the weekend can be viewed via our Flickr account.

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