Physics pupils captivated by trip to CERN

19 Lower Sixth Physics pupils travelled to Switzerland just before term ended to visit CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.

Pupils were taken on a tour of the Geneva based laboratory where they learnt about how the Large Hadron Collider works, how they detect particles and about discoveries in particle physics and what we hope to learn next.

Physics pupils at CERN

The travelling party then had a look around the newly upgraded interactive Microcosm exhibit before sitting down for lunch in the CERN cafeteria surrounded by scientists and school parties from all over the world.

Next up was a visit to the Globe exhibition where Head of Physics Mrs Heather Fenton had set up a fact finding mission for the pupils.

Once the visit was over everyone boarded the tram back to the other side of Geneva to explore the area down by the beautifully clear river before tucking into cheese, beef and chocolate fondue at Edelweiss whilst being entertained by bell ringers and a long horn!

Physics pupils at the UN

The next day the group headed to the United Nations for a fascinating tour and explanation of what the UN is and what it does and they even got to witness a live human rights conference from the gallery.

The trip came to a conclusion after lunch at the UN with the general consensus confirming that it had been a superb and enlightening trip.

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