Pupils possess the right chemistry

Our Chemistry pupils had a successful summer term with first place at the Salters Festival of Chemistry and a design contest win for second year pupil Caitlin Cutts at the Chemquiz.

The Salters Festival of Chemistry took place at The University of Manchester and second year pupils Callum Day, Maddy Evans, Alice McCluggage and George Zelhof took part in two laboratory exercises – a forensic practical to identify a ‘criminal’ by performing chemical tests and a practical challenge to design an experiment that would take exactly one minute. They then attended a Magic of Chemistry show illustrating various dramatic reactions – including lots of bangs and flashes!

The team performed exceptionally well and finished first out of the 24 schools that took part.

Salters Festival of Chemistry

Team member Maddy Evans said: “It was a very enjoyable trip and we hope that we are able to do it again in the future.”

At this year’s Chemquiz our pupils faced a busy day as their subject knowledge was put to the test via four tough challenges.

The first challenge for the formidable team of Ben Wilson, Murray Jallands, Oliver Ensor-Adams and Caitlin Cutts was the quiz section where competitors were asked to fill in a question sheet before moving onto other activities such as chemical anagrams, crosswords and dingbats.

The next round saw the pupils move to the multimedia room where they saw the flashier chemical experiments – the ones with the most fire and explosions! They were then asked to answer questions based on what they had seen and been told about each experiment.


The final round before lunch was the laboratory experiment. Here pupils were marked on teamwork, efficiency and accurate and well-drawn graphs.

After lunch it was back to the lecture hall where they were challenged to make the longest (coherent) story using only the letters of the elements in the periodic table.

Whilst the team were not able to win the main quiz, second year pupil Caitlin won the mug design competition and her design will feature on the mugs (handed out to each competitor) at Chemquiz 2017.

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