Cracking time in Castleton for Year Five pupils

71 Year Five pupils had a great time in the outdoors as they took part in an action-packed residential trip to Castleton.

The three day expedition saw the excited pupils board coaches outside the school as they made their way to Losehill Hall, a Victorian gothic mansion set in 27 acres of parkland in the heart of the Peak District National Park.

Castleton 2

After checking in and dropping their bags off pupils explored the beautiful gardens, woods and streams and quickly got into their fun-filled programme of activities as they panned for gold, learnt how to build dens and light fires with flint and steel before baking some bread.

The pupils and teachers had a good sleep and a filling breakfast which set them up well for a five and a half mile walk and a visit to Treak Cliff Cavern to see stalactites and the famous Blue John stone.

Castleton walking

The cavern really captured everyone’s imagination with 5W pupils commenting: “We visited Treak Cliff Cavern and discovered pockets of Blue John crystals in the walls. We were plunged into darkness. It was so dark we couldn’t even see our hands in front of our faces! We found out about the shadow of Gertrude the witch and visited the fairies’ cave.”

Castleton - Day 1

On the third and final day the travellers went orienteering, launched egg rockets which they had made on Wednesday evening and honed their den-building skills.

Pupil Mia Krywonos had a great time in Castleton: “It was a great experience discovering the outdoors and doing activities such as building shelters and lighting fires.”

Castleton 1

William Copeland also enjoyed the experience: “I loved having the freedom to explore the gardens and climb trees. Being outside so much was fun and even bedtime was enjoyable as I got to chat with my friends. It was a brilliant trip.”

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