Shark Day adds bite to pupils’ lessons

45 second year pupils spent a day learning about sharks as part of Shark Day recently while the Junior School enjoyed a special presentation.

Head of Classics Mr Alastair Thorley invited Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown from Frogfish Photography into the school so that pupils could find out about the conservation, behaviour and anatomy of sharks.

Shark Day - paper

The pupils looked at the biological make-up of five different species: blue, hammerhead, great white, basking and whale and at how the animals have been portrayed in the movie industry.

Shark Day - size

A number of departments got involved in the day with English and Music helping pupils devise scripts and musical pieces for presentations on each of the species and Psychology looking at why people are scared of sharks.

Shark Day - music

Mr Thorley was pleased with how engaged the pupils were and how involved they got: “The pupils worked really hard throughout a lively day and it was great to see them work so well in their teams.

“We were very lucky to welcome Frogfish Photography into the school and it was great that they allowed the pupils to use the beautiful images of sharks that they have taken all over the world. We all spoke about the importance of shark conservation – 100 million sharks are killed every year, most for their fins. This is a situation which, clearly, cannot continue.”

Shark Day - symposium

Nick Robertson-Brown from Frogfish Photography said: “We had a super day with the junior school and second year pupils. They took in everything we threw at them and came back at us in the afternoon with five brilliant presentations. Each piece of music that they had created represented the individual shark species perfectly and every presentation reflected the attention they had paid to our talks throughout the day. What an amazing school!”

Shark Day - computer

To find out more about Frogfish Photography please click here.

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