Climbers get to grips with adventurous activities

Fearless senior school pupils have been busy scaling walls and jumping off rock faces as part of their outdoor education experience.

During the half term break our Outdoor Education Co-ordinator Mr Adam Hughes took pupils from a range of year groups to Brownstones in Bolton to build up their bouldering skills and experience. The pupils did really well and pushed themselves on a variety of boulder problems and came away from the day feeling challenged but with a sense of achievement.


The first week back at school saw a number of senior house competitions take place on the Peter Boardman climbing wall in the Sports Hall.

The junior house competition saw Vernon blow the rest of the competition out of the water with a huge score of 815 points with Warren (475), Arden (339) and Nicholson (205) trailing in their wake.

In the senior climbing competition Warren (436.8) grabbed top spot with Vernon (421.4) having to settle for second and Arden (218.5) and Nicholson (176) following.


The inter house competition saw high scores registered by all four teams. This time Nicholson turned things around and finished top as they broke the four figure mark with a score of 1,015. Arden were not far behind with a total of 989, with Warren (878) and Vernon (669) completing the standings.

On 6 November a number of hearty fifth year and sixth form pupils travelled to Eskdale Gorge in Cumbria for an adventure day. After a 30 minute walk from the base of Hard Knott Pass up the mountain valley the pupils reached the steep gorge which offered many scramble and climbing sections with some large jumps – one of which was six metres high!


Mr Hughes was pleased with the determination and effort the pupils put in at Eskdale: “Due to the time of year it was a high paced day and the snow on the tops of the mountains highlighted the temperature and level of challenge that would be experienced. Jumping off the gorge gave even the most confident pupils a few moments when they needed to draw on their courage to leap. Overall every single pupil did extremely well and they supported each other up and back down again which was a pleasure to see.”

The pupils’ climbing experience continues with a range of pupils from second year to sixth form taking part in the Climbing Hanger Winter Bouldering League. The league started on 18th November with further events on 9th December, 13th January and 10th February, ending with a UV night meeting on 24th March.

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