Lessons in frost and fire for Nursery pupils

Nursery pupils learnt about heat recently as they celebrated Halloween and bonfire night and witnessed the first signs of winter.

The boys and girls had lots of Halloween fun on their return to school after the half term break as they got to grips with pumpkins and scooped out the seeds inside with spoons. They then manoeuvred the seeds into a tray and washed and counted them before making pictures and arrangements with them.


Bonfire night soon approached and the pupils marked the occasion with bonfire sparkler firework biscuit decorations. They made their own icing sugar mix and dipped their creations into sprinkles to give them a colourful finish.


During PE lessons the pupils pretended to be fireworks and they got to see the real thing as they watched videos of them on the interactive whiteboard. After watching the videos they talked about what to expect from fireworks, what emotions it left them with and how important safety was around them.


Things got a bit chillier for the boys and girls when they realised Jack Frost had been to visit. They had heaps of fun venturing out into the garden in search of objects that had been affected by the frost and ice. They used a variety of tools to make marks in the frost and smash the ice and they enjoyed looking at how salt made it melt.


With the colder weather set to become more frequent in the run up to Christmas there are certain to be more festive fun times for the Nursery boys and girls.

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