Pupils over the moon as they celebrate Space Week

Junior school and nursery pupils had an out of this world experience as they celebrated Space Week.

In year three, pupils had a fun filled time as they carried out activities with an intergalactic theme. The girls and boys played with space doh which they moulded into moon rocks and asteroids and they also made a frieze of the planets and learnt their order in the solar system.

Space Week - Y2 boy making rocket

Pupil Deen Chowdhry found the afternoon very useful: “I researched black holes and found out that a star turns red and dies and becomes a supernova,” whilst Alfie Boler also learned something valuable: “I learnt a simple way of remembering the order of the planets – my very easy method just speeds up naming planets!”

Space Week - Reception space writing

In reception, both sets of pupils created space stations in the classroom for roleplay. The children had the opportunity to do space writing, took part in a space funky finger challenge and collected as many gemstones as possible. They also created their own rocket, played with moon dust numbers, watched videos of astronaut Tim Peake and took Nellie, the class puppet, into space!

Nursery - Space Week - space slime

In the Nursery the children played with space slime, donned space helmets, drew space creatures and re-enacted what it would be like to walk on the moon.

Nursery - Space Week - space walk

To finish the week in style Mad Science North West visited the junior school to deliver their unique brand of fun science to the pupils. The energetic presenters talked about waves, sound and particles and conducted demonstrations using smoke and gravity.

Mad Science - smoke demo

Pupil Annie Clarke enjoyed having Mad Science North West come in: “The mad scientist made us laugh, he was very entertaining!” and Thomas Stanton showed how beneficial the visit was: “The mad scientist made science sound really interesting.”

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