Nursery pupils craft delightful decorations

Nursery pupils explored their creative side as they made decorations for a Christmas tree to be on display at St George’s Church.

The boys and girls got into groups and had great fun making salt dough by measuring out the ingredients before stirring and kneading the mixture. The children then chose a cutter from a Christmas themed selection to shape their decorations.


Once the dough was baked and cooled the pupils got the art supplies out and decorated their creations with colourful paints and sparkling glitter.

The decorations were then hung on the tree in the classroom before nursery manager Miss Carla Peake delivered it to St. George’s Church, Heaviley for the Christmas tree festival.

Once the festival was over the children were able to take their decorations home so that they could put them on their family’s tree.


Three year old Joshua Newey enjoyed getting creative: “I painted some purple on my Christmas tree as purple is my mummy’s favourite colour.”

Miss Peake was delighted with the pupils’ efforts: “The children really enjoyed making the decorations and the final result was very sparkly! We think it is really important to support the local community and the boys and girls were delighted that their designs were on show at St. George’s Church.”

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