Food for thought on Healthy Eating Trail

Year three pupils visited Tesco Extra in Stockport to learn about fruits, vegetables and sugar as they went on a ‘Healthy Eating Trail’ around the store.

Upon entering the shop, the children were led to a large classroom and given yellow tabards to wear before making their way to the fruit and veg aisle to identify as many different coloured fruits and vegetables as they could.

Portion sizes were demonstrated by cupping both hands together and the children were told about the ‘five a day’ rule. The boys and girls then got to try out their taste buds as they took part in raspberry tasting.

Next up the pupils proceeded to the sugar aisle where they were told that a sugar cube has five grams of sugar in it. They were asked questions about daily allowances and how much is in fizzy drinks and learnt that the recommended daily allowance is 30 grams, which is the equivalent of a can of coke.

They then had to work in groups to pick four different cereals and put them in order of which they thought had most to least amounts of sugar. Following their educated guesses they looked at the labels and compared their predictions to the actual results.

It was then back to the classroom to do some more tasting as the children were given rye snacks, prunes, carrots, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, pitta and tzatziki to taste and evaluate.

They then took on entrepreneurial roles to create their own muesli to take home. They had to select quantities of bran flakes, oats, raisins and seeds, but absolutely no sugar! The boys and girls thought about another item that they could add next time.

After all of that learning and tasting, the pupils were given a pizza base mix to make their own pizza at school before boarding the coach.

Pupil Nathan Collins enjoyed the experience saying: “I liked that you got to taste different things because I’ve never tried some of them before,” whilst Katherine Monk quipped: “It was really fun trying the healthy snacks but I didn’t like the prunes!”

Alayana Ahmed was intrigued to learn about the cereals: “We found out that it is hard to find a cereal that has less sugar in than Weetabix,” and Savanna Amoo-Gottfried had some prior knowledge when it came to guessing sugar amounts saying: “My Mummy told me that Frosties have a lot of sugar!”

The trip was a fun and educational one for the pupils as they got to learn about different types of food first-hand and this will help them on their healthy eating journey. Many thanks to the staff at Tesco Extra for making it such a great outing.

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