Audience taken to ‘A Whole New World’ at year six production

Year six pupils put on two captivating and magical performances of the Disney classic ‘Aladdin’.

Boys and girls from across the year donned a range of fantastic costumes, tuned in their vocal cords and demonstrated their stunning acting ability as they took the audience on a journey to Agrabah.

Jack Purves and Phoebe Ferris were great as the titular character and the fiery princess Jasmine, Mason Peters hilariously depicted the Genie and Mackenzie Shropshire was excellent as he portrayed the evil Jafar to a tee!

Amelie Batey as Iago showed off her perfect comic timing and delivery whilst strong performances from George Brown as the Sultan, Remi Fadahunsi as Razoul and Matthew Darbyshire as Abu kept the story moving at a great pace.

It was not just the named characters that brought the story to life – the narrators, townspeople, guards, harem girls and singing chorus sang and danced their way around the stage to keep the audience mesmerised and glued to their seats.

Speaking about her part in the play, Phoebe Ferris said: “I was really excited when I found out I was going to be playing Jasmine and I couldn’t wait to put her dress on as it was so pretty. I learnt my lines when I was on the beach in Abu Dhabi and being somewhere sunny and warm meant I could really get into the part! The play was a fun experience and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.”

Mason Peters said: “It was a great opportunity and one of the best things I’ve done,” whilst Jack Purves added: “I have not really acted before but I was able to learn my lines without too much trouble and I was really relaxed about it.”

Mrs Ruth Cole, who produced and directed the show along with Mrs Alison Sullivan, said: “In the words of the song, our pupils were ‘shining, shimmering and splendid’ in their two outstanding performances. Congratulations to each and every one of them.”

Special thanks go to the choreographers Mrs Abigail Downing and Mrs Caroline Smith (Centre Pointe Dance Studio), costume designers Mrs Helene Vlassis and Mrs Jane Wimbleton, set designers Stamford Products (Scott and Lee) and to the parents who helped with hair and make-up.

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