Castles and caterpillars create fun for Nursery pupils

Nursery pupils enjoyed being creative and getting their hands dirty after reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

After reading the fairy tale about a boy who trades in a cow for some magic beans, the children took part in a number of activities to build up their skills and understanding.

They boosted their teamwork and gross motor skills and learnt about shapes and measurement as they used lots of coloured boxes to make a castle for the giant. The pupils also used much smaller cubes to measure beanstalks on a piece of paper – using their mathematical knowledge to count how many cubes high each beanstalk was.

The pupils planted some broad beans as they learnt to care for plants and find out how they grow. They then got their overalls on as they painted their own beanstalks and created a golden egg from papier-mâché. The children loved expressing their artistic skills and showing how creative they could be with their designs.

The boys and girls got their hands even dirtier when they went on an insect hunt after reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The hunt was intended to help the pupils understand the world and they developed their mathematical ability by counting the numbers of ‘caterpillars’ they found.

The activities also helped the children understand sequencing, when it comes to books and also how it works with days of the week.

Zayd Gurjee was happy with his work during the hunt: “I found a worm in the soil. I found some beans in the soil too and I put them in the little tiny plant pot.”

Charlie Dean was intrigued by the foliage: “The beanstalks looked like there were some little caterpillars coming out of the beans!”

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