History trip to Germany brings context to studies

Over the Easter holidays a group of IGCSE History pupils spent an engaging, educational and enlightening week in Munich, Nuremberg and Berlin.

After arriving in Germany, the girls and boys first visited the Bavarian city of Munich. The city offered them a particularly good insight into the history of Germany after the First World War and how the country began to rebuild itself.

A visit to the labour camp at Dachau was an extremely interesting and thought-provoking for the pupils as they learnt more about what happened at the first of the Nazis’ concentration camps.

After Munich the travelling party made their way to Nuremberg and teacher-led activities in the Old Town provided knowledge of the medieval history of the region. A bit of exploring ensured that pupils worked up an appetite as they sat down to a traditional German meal of bratwurst.

Pupils got the chance to delve deeper into their subject and learn things in a way that could only be experienced in an authentic and appropriate setting as they visited the Nuremberg Rally Grounds and Courtroom 600.

The final destination of the trip was Berlin, the capital city of Germany. The group took part in immersive guided tours around the city and a tour of the spectacular Olympic Stadium brought the trip to a close.

Pupil Luke Bennett said of the trip: “It was a fascinating highlight of the course and something that I will remember for years to come. The whole trip was full of enlightening tours and insights into German history.”

Phoebe Micklefield agreed saying: “The trip was really informative and it brought the textbooks to life. I learnt about the subject in-depth more and it helped with my studies as you read interesting examples of things that happened.”

Naomi Littlewood and Phoebe said: “The Old Town at Nuremberg was beautiful and the city had lots of interesting sites such as the Documentation Centre and the NSDAP Congress Hall near Zeppelin Field. The visit to the labour camp at Dachau emphasised the enormity of what happened there.”

Alfred Bradshaw would definitely recommend the trip to others: “The trip built upon what we learnt in class and it was good to experience the culture first-hand. We knew about many of the places from textbooks but it was really beneficial to see the sites in person.”

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