GCSE results: celebrating success

GCSE pupils were enjoying the results of their hard work this morning with over 81% of results awarded at A* to B. Forty pupils out of the year group of 135 have achieved at least 9 A* and A grades.

Headmaster Andrew Chicken said: “I am delighted to congratulate our girls and boys, and their families, they have worked hard to achieve their success and I am sure that they will enjoy celebrating on this special day. They have a bright future and are very well prepared for the next stage of Sixth Form study – I look forward to following their progress as they make the most of the challenges and opportunities this will bring.”

Nikita Murray, whose brother Martyn Hett was tragically killed in the Manchester Arena bombing, was amongst the pupils receiving their results today. Nikita achieved an outstanding 11 A*s.

Her brother Dan Hett paid tribute to her saying: “I have never been more proud or amazed by anyone.”

Andrew Chicken said: “We are delighted for Nikita and her family. She has achieved exceptional results and her determination in the most distressing of circumstances is truly inspirational. Nikita very much wanted to continue with her exams and we worked closely with her parents to support her in this.”

We spoke to pupils as they collected their results this morning.

Megan King said she is “so happy” with her 11 A*s, adding: “I knew I couldn’t have done any more work for the exams than I did but it’s so nice to see the results written down.”

Megan, who practises Judo in her spare time and has recently completed the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award, will study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Art in the Sixth Form.

Jonathan Hull is “very happy” with his nine A*s, A and a B which saw him get exactly the same high results as he had achieved in his mock exams. A-levels in Maths, Classics, Chemistry and Economics will follow for Jonathan who is keeping his options open but considering the possibility of degree study in Economics and Maths.

Keen rugby player Alex Hewetson is delighted with his seven A*s, three As and a B and is looking forward to studying A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry in the Sixth Form.

Nine A*s and a B came as a pleasant surprise for Cameron Baillie who will now study Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Geography. He said: “I was shocked when I saw the grades. I was confident but I didn’t think I had done that well.”

Andrew Goodwin is looking forward to starting A-levels in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Psychology after getting four A*s, four As and two Bs.

Between them, friends Faye Sanders, Charlotte Jones and Grace Patterson achieved 25 A*s and five As! Faye has gained eight A*s and two As; Charlotte nine A*s and one A; and Grace eight A*s and two As.

The trio, who enjoyed the school’s music tour to the Rhineland just after their exams finished, are excited about starting their A-levels in the Sixth Form.

Dillon Roberts, who plays rugby, football and is a keen athlete, is delighted with three A*s, six As, a B and a C. He will study Maths, Economics, Chemistry and Geography in the Sixth Form. He said: “I hoped to do well and it’s a relief to see the results written down.”

Hannah Stead, who got eight A*s and two As, and Niamh Johnson, who got four A*s, five As and a B, both did better than they expected and were happy to see their hard work had paid off. The girls are both keen musicians and play an active part in many of the school bands and choirs.

Fraser Curran is still thinking about what A-levels to do in the Sixth Form after doing better than he thought he would. Fraser, who is looking forward to Model United Nations debating in the Sixth Form, got eight A*s and three As. He said: “These grades were what I’d hoped for and it’s such a relief to have achieved them. It’s a long wait between sitting the exams and getting the grades so it’s nerve wracking.”

Eleanor Ward is delighted with her three As, one B and five Cs after she suffered a devastating head injury after the first two exams.

Eleanor, who plays hockey for the school and for North England, was hit in the face by a ball, breaking her nose and cheek bone and suffering a retinal bleed and concussion. But she battled through her injuries to sit all her exams. She will now study Biology, Psychology and PE at A-level.

Amelia Davies is “really happy” with her five A*s and five As whist her friend and netballer Alice Kirker is delighted with her results of three A*s, four As and three Bs.

Daisy Deaville and Charlotte Foster are looking forward to life in the Sixth Form. Daisy will study English Literature, French, Psychology and Chemistry while Charlotte will do A-levels in English Literature, History, Psychology and Business Studies.

Jessica Moore did better than she expected and is delighted with her two A*s, four As and four Bs. She will study Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Economics in the Sixth Form.

Keen lacrosse player Sophie Heeds, who got two A*s, seven As and a B, will do A-levels in Psychology, Economics, Textiles and Geography.

Matthew Atkinson says he “worked really hard” for his seven A*s, three As and a B, adding: “I feel like I got my reward for working so hard with these grades. I am so happy and so relieved.” He will do A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and French in the Sixth Form.

Gabriel Stewart says he was “surprised” to get 10 A*s but really happy with his results and excited to study Biology, Chemistry, History and Maths at A-level.

Ben McKee is looking forward to life in the Sixth Form and excited to start his A-levels.

Max Howe said he had been nervous and “on a five day countdown of the hours to the day” when he could collect his results. He is “very happy” with his eight A*s, three As and a B. Max has been very busy expanding his knowledge outside his timetabled lessons with Greek and Further Maths, which he chose to attend as co-curricular activities, amongst his A* results. He now plans to study A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry with a degree course in Chemistry with Molecular Physics a possibility after Sixth Form.

Keen netball player Cornelia Kolusi said she was “very happy with the end result” which saw her gain seven A*s, four As and a B. Cornelia would like to study Medicine at university and her plan to study Chemistry, Biology, Maths and German at A-level will see her well prepared.

Sam Stretton said he was “very pleased” and had been “hoping that they would be this good” when he saw his eight A*s and three As. Sam enjoys sport at school and takes part in cricket, football and climbing. A-levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology will follow in the Sixth Form.

Matthew Taylor was very happy with his three A*s, four As, one B and two Cs. He said: “My results were better than I thought. I was very nervous and tempted not to come in and collect them but I’m glad I did.” Matthew enjoys a good range of subjects and is looking at Biology, Geography, Psychology, History and Design Technology as A-level options. Matthew has taken part in plenty of sport at school: football, rugby, cricket and athletics.

Aidan Hall was particularly pleased to see an A* in Biology amongst his five A*s, two As and three Bs. He has enjoyed taking part in Model United Nations at school and a degree in Political Science may follow A-levels in Economics, Philosophy, Geography and Maths.

With seven A*s and three As, Sam Cort is well prepared for Sixth Form study and is keeping his future options open with A-levels in English Literature, History, Chemistry and Biology. Sam plays cricket for school and has also taken part in rugby and athletics.

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