Fairground fun for technology enthusiasts at K’NEX workshop

Year Five pupils demonstrated their teamwork and programming skills at a K’NEX workshop which was delivered by STEMworks scientist Simon Kettle.

At the start of the day, the boys and girls were split into groups and given the task of designing and building a fairground model that was controlled by a computer program.

The pupils constructed their own carousels or Ferris wheels using K’NEX equipment, allowing them to experiment with structures, gears and other mechanisms whilst modelling their design.

After being shown how to use the software, pupils wrote their own programs which made the models move, play music and have lights flashing.

The day provided an excellent insight into how computer programming influences our daily lives and links into the pupils’ computing and design technology work.

Pupil James Petch had a great time at the workshop: “It was a really fun day as we got to work as a team and experiment with equipment we haven’t used that much before. There were lots of different things to do and the programming was a bit of a challenge.

“I was working with two of my best mates, Sean and Leon, so we separated the jobs up and it made it easier.”

Ezinwa Uraih agreed: “Working with Tejiri and Alexa was fun and we enjoyed being creative with all of the different parts and programs,” whilst Tejiri Urhobo commented: “I enjoyed the programming bit the best and it was great that we had lots of ideas and designs in our heads.”

STEMworks scientist Simon Kettle said: “I was delighted to work with the pupils who were so excited about being able to build and write a program. They worked really well together and created some fantastic rides.

“The boys and girls also learnt how so many products today are controlled by computers and were inspired to think that they could be a designer or engineer in the future.”

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