Year Four time travel on residential trip to York

Boys and girls in Year Four experienced life as Romans and Vikings on their residential trip to York.

The pupils donned full Roman armour on their visit to Murton Park where they practised being guards, making oil lamps and writing in Latin. Their soldier training set them up well when a Celt came to try and raid their fort with the children perfectly performing the testudo to send him packing!

The group sat down for tea after working up an appetite playing outside at their accommodation in the evening sun. The night culminated with a Viking telling pupils sagas from that period of history.

The Viking theme continued into the next day as pupils learnt about Viking life on a visit to the Jorvik Centre and the Castle Museum.

At the museum, the Victorian street had a real sweet shop, dungeons and an old toy shop. Whilst on the street, the pupils were taken on a tour around the slums and into the chemist where they stored the leeches for medicinal purposes. The trip ended with a workshop on crime and punishment in Victorian times.

Pupil Alayna Ahmed enjoyed the busy and informative trip: “It was interesting and exciting and I enjoyed staying with my friends.

“We found out that houses in the Victorian times only had one room which the whole family had to share!”

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