DrugFAM co-founder speaks at Shaa lecture

Elizabeth Burton-Phillips, co-founder of the Drugs and Alcohol support charity DrugFAM, visited the school to deliver the second Shaa lecture of the academic year to the Sixth Form.

One of DrugFAM’s core purposes is to raise awareness of the effect that someone else’s substance misuse has on families, carers, partners and the wider public as a whole.

With this in mind, Elizabeth shared the story of her experiences trying to support her twin sons, Nick and Simon, through the challenge of battling drug addiction. Her emotive and very personal account of the origins of her sons’ addiction, their journey through these challenges, and the devastating consequences that this had on her and her family had a significant impact on the pupils and staff present.

Through openly sharing her personal experiences, Elizabeth sought to encourage the pupils to view her story through the eyes of a mother, and to consider the decisions they make in a social setting and the potential impact of risky behaviour.

Her talk to the Sixth Form was preceded the night before by a talk to parents, which encouraged a different audience to consider the potential dangers posed to pupils and families by drug and alcohol misuse and addiction.

These sessions form part of the ongoing support we provide to pupils and parents in promoting positive engagement with drugs and alcohol education throughout the school.

If you wish to view our pastoral curriculum to see when the topics of drugs and alcohol are taught please click on the links below:

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