Year Five pupils become Playground Buddies

A group of dedicated and enthusiastic Year Five pupils have signed up to become Playground Buddies.

Following a number of training sessions, it is now the role of the pupils to perform tasks such as leading games with the Infant children, looking out for children who might be shy or quiet in the playground and helping to take care of the play equipment.

Speaking about being a playground buddy, Humaira Gurjee said: “I have a younger brother and sister and I like helping so becoming a playground buddy made sense. I like leading the games and it has made me more confident speaking to bigger crowds.”

Matthew Rogan added: “I like the extra responsibility it gives me as it is a nice way to get ready for Year Six. We are on a rota so we do our duties once a week and the role helps me to think more about others.”

Commenting on some of the things they get up to, Noor Farooq said: “Sometimes we put on shows for the younger children to cheer them up or we play games like tig or hide and seek.”

Explaining his reason for becoming a playground buddy, Thomas Alexander said: “I wanted to become a playground buddy because I saw pupils doing it last year and I was keen to help. I was in the younger pupils’ position a few years ago so I remembered back to then and thought about how useful the help would be to them. The duties have made me more confident and observant and I like helping out around the playground.”

The list of playground buddies is: Mohammed Abuhoraira, Thomas Alexander, Darcey Appleton, Hephzibah Bangudu, Holly Batey, Mia Bentley, Amelia Blakeley, Mia Brown, Bella Clarke, Lilly Cook, Lily Courtney, Noor Farooq, Oliver Feehan, Humaira Gurjee, Caitlin Hill, Klara Joubert, Eiliya Noman, Ava Perfect, Zahra Raja-Zahid, Matthew Rogan, Cyrus Shepherd, Abigail Sullivan, Ezinwa Uraih, and Zachariah Zaman.

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