Junior School bookworms read all about it

Year Five pupils have been enjoying the introduction of two new book clubs this term with the support of award-winning independent bookshop Simply Books.

The book clubs see the girls and boys meet each week to discuss the chosen book they are reading, 100 pages at a time. This term they plan to read three books.

The first novel they are dissecting is ‘Wizards of Once’ by Cressida Cowell. The pupils, already familiar with Cressida’s previous fantasy series, ‘How to Train a Dragon’, have been introduced to the first book in her new series, which is also a fantasy book but this time set in the Iron Age, a time where people truly believed in magic.

At one of the first meeting of the clubs, Sue Steel from Simply Books came in to talk about different ways of planning a story. She explained that Cressida likes to map out her story setting before she writes and that the setting for this novel is shaped by the author’s memories of holidays visiting her grandmother in the South Downs.

Sue also presented signed copies of the book and gave each pupil a special journal so that they could make notes and jot down any thoughts or questions they may have.

Pupil Lilly Cook said: “I read all the time and the club is really fun as we get to discuss different thoughts and theories. By doing this we sometimes change our opinions on what we think happened in the book and you get to see things from a different view.”

Will Hadfield added: “It is great to hear all of the different opinions when we discuss the pages we have read. It is hard to stop after 100 pages as you just want to keep reading. The journal is really useful as it allows you to note things down that you don’t want to forget to discuss at the club.”

Junior School headmaster Mr Tim Wheeler said: “Starting our new book club is a great adventure for us. It is a great opportunity for children and adults to make that exciting journey together through a new book, sharing our discoveries as we go.”

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