Spring term fun for Pre-Reception pupils

It was a busy end to the half term for our Pre-Reception boys and girls as they took part in a host of activities, both in and out of the classroom.

The pupils enjoyed their lessons on the Gingerbread Man where they used puppets and masks to take part in role play.

They then got messy as they did some baking – exploring with flour, making dough and using lots of fantastic descriptive words which evolved as a result of the activity.

There were also Playdough gingerbread men aplenty and the children now have an excellent knowledge of how to make them!

The making and baking theme continued when the boys and girls celebrated Shrove Tuesday. They donned their aprons as they mixed, measured and whisked flour, eggs and milk to make pancakes. They then added chocolate, lemon or golden syrup to their finished creations before sitting together and tasting them.

In the last few days before half term the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service came in to school to speak to the pupils.

They asked the firefighters questions, were shown around the fire engine and even got to go and sit inside the vehicle.

Pupil Hermione Macdonald excitedly said: “That was lots of fun and there were lots of buttons to press.”

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