Infant pupils go green

Infant children were reminded of the importance of looking after our planet by recycling and environmental expert Mr Philip Hunton from Green up your Act.

Pre-Reception pupils ventured outside to help tidy up litter on the playground and learnt not to pick up litter with their hands and Reception girls and boys worked as a team to build a Bug Hotel which is now open for business in the Junior School garden!

Reception pupil Gene Mounfield was very keen on the activity: “I like looking after bugs and now that I am five I know that they need a home.”

Year One decorated canvas bags with sea and fish images to remind them of the devastating environmental impact of using plastic bags whilst Year Two became eco detectives and went round school looking for signs of how well the Junior School recycled.

They also interviewed various staff, including Headmaster Mr Wheeler who told them that he wants pupils and staff in the Junior School to help the environment even more by turning off lights and shutting doors.

The pupils were even told by Mr Wheeler that they had permission to “nag their teachers about recycling” because he knew it would help the environment.

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