Whole school

Answers to many of the questions parents ask when they first visit Stockport Grammar can be found in our further information booklet.

Download a further information booklet (pdf)

Junior school

Our Junior School Parent Guide provides parents with lots of information about the Junior School.

Download a Junior School Parent Guide information book (pdf)

Senior school

Our Just for Starters information book is for parents thinking of applying for a place for their child at Stockport Grammar School.

Download a Just for Starters information book (pdf)

Our lower school handbook focuses on life in the first three years of the senior school.

Download a Lower School Handbook (pdf) 

Get advice on making GCSE subject choices in our middle school handbook.

Download a Middle School handbook (pdf)

Sixth form

Our sixth form handbook features information about life in the Stockport Grammar sixth form and acts as a prospectus for our A-level courses.

Download a Sixth Form handbook (pdf)

Co-curricular Activities

Our Beyond the Classroom information book is for all of the details you need to discover the wide range of clubs, societies, activities and competitions we have on offer.

Download a Beyond the Classroom handbook (pdf)


See our prospectuses page.