If you would like us to share the sad news of the recent passing of an Old Stopfordian with the community, please contact the External Relations team at or on 0161 419 2408.

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of the following Old Stopfordians:

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Name Died Notes
Jack Hadfield (OS) 9th May 2019 Mr Hadfield left the school in the 1950s. His funeral will be held on Friday 24th May 2019.
Peter Aneurin Rowan (OS 1953) 7th April 2019 Mr Rowan left the school in 1953
Ron Sharp (OS 1956) 4th April 2019 Mr Sharp left the school in 1956
David G Mayers (OS 1961) 1st March 2019 Mr Mayers left the school in 1961
Rowena Foxwell (OS 1988) 27th January 2019 Ms Foxwell left the school in 1988
Keith Weston (OS Former Staff) 14th January 2019 Mr Weston was a former Biology teacher at Stockport Grammar School
Major Colin Campbell JP (OS 1954) Major Campbell left the school in 1954
T A Lockett (OS 1950) 24th November 2018 Mr Lockett left the school in 1950
Geoffrey Harrison (OS 1946) Mr Harrison left the school in 1946
Peter Wilkinson (OS 1952) 11th October 2018 Mr Wilkinson left the school in 1952
Richard John Parker (OS 1974) Mr Parker left the school in 1974
Jim Swallow (OS Former Head of Mathematics) 13th October 2018 Mr Swallow was the Head of Mathematics at the school until 1990
Roy Siddons (OS 1954) 20th September 2018 Mr Siddons left the school in 1954
Alan Eric Fantom (OS 1959) 29th June 2018 Mr Fantom left the school in 1959
Peter Alexander Holliday (OS 1948) 20th September 2018 Mr Holliday left the school in 1948
James Hilton Ramsay (OS 1945) 10th September 2018 Mr Ramsay left the school in 1945
Thomas N Mumford (OS 1946) 18th September 2018 Mr Mumford left the school in 1946
Robert Michael Hammond (OS 1952) 4th February 2018 Mr Hammond left the school in 1952
His Honour John Kenneth Burke QC (OS 1957) 23rd March 2018 Hon. John Kenneth Burke left the school in 1957
William ‘Bill’ I Corlett (OS 1941) 26th February 2018 Mr Corlett left the school in 1941
Dennis R Poulter C Eng, MIMechE (OS 1945) 17th January 2018 Mr Poulter left the school in 1945.
Wg. Cdr. Val Hodgkinson (OS Former Bursar 1978-1991) 26th December 2017 Wg. Cdr. Hodgkinson was the Bursar of SGS between 1978-1991.
Philip R Bowden (OS 1951) 26th December 2017 Mr Bowden left the school in 1951.
Hannah Rachel Simmons Whitley (OS 2012) 22nd December 2017 Hannah Whitley left the school in 2008.
Captain Alan Fisher (OS 1951) Captain Fisher left the school in 1951.
Brian Bullock (OS 1947) 7th December 2017 Brian left the school in 1947.
Leslie J Goodwin (OS 1945) 8th December 2017 Mr Goodwin left the school in 1945.
Mr John Durnall (OS Former Head of Geography) 4th December 2017 Mr Durnall was appointed Head of the Geography Department in April 1961 and retired in 1992 after completing thirty-one years service. To read more about Mr Durnall's time at SGS click on his name.
Ray Fallows (OS Former Physics Technician) 3rd October 2017 Mr Fallows was a former Physics Technician at Stockport Grammar School.
Dr Robert Duncan Sykes (OS 1964) 20th September 2017 Dr Sykes left the school in 1964.
Grafton Perry (OS 1948) 2nd September 2017 Mr Grafton left the school in 1948.
Matt Nicholls (OS 2011) 9th July 2017 Mr Nicholls left the school in 2011.
John Clive Williams (OS 1987) 29th June 2017 Mr Williams left the school in 1987.
Stephen T Allinson (OS 1957) 21st June 2017 Mr Allinson left the school in 1957 and was a keen member of the OS Golf Society.
Alan Gregg (OS 1977-2003) 20th June 2017 Former Head of Biology, Head of Middle School, Rugby Coach & Trip Leader. Click on Alan's name to read an Obituary from Mr Peter Grant, Head of Biology.
Clifford Bramwell (OS 1950) 20th June 2017 Mr Bramwell's funeral is to be held on 7th July 2017 in Cambridge.
Christopher Knight Mantell (OS 1963) 9th May 2017 Please click Mr Mantell's name to read his Obituary which was featured in the Daily Telegraph.
Helen Shanks (OS Former Junior School Teacher) 13th April 2017 Mrs Shanks' funeral was held at Stockport Crematorium on 2nd May 2017.
John Draper Adshead MBE, MA Cantab, FRICS, FRGS (OS OS 1946) 31st March 2017 Please click on Mr Adshead's name to read his article entitled 'A Very Happy Schoolboy (Seventy Years Ago!)' and Obituary.
Kenneth M Leigh (OS 1946) 30th March 2017 Please click Mr Leigh's name to read memories from Mr C H Willcock (OS 1948).
Sophie Womack nee Anderson (OS 2001) 5th March 2017 Mrs Womack's funeral was held on 17th March 2017.
Harry Sales (OS 1934) Mr Sales left the school in 1934.
Dr Charles Peter Chivers (OS 1940) 19th February 2017 Dr Chivers left the school in 1940.
Dr Peter David James (OS 1964) 16th February 2017 A memorial service was held at St John the Evangelist Church, Kingston Park, Newcastle upon Tyne on 2nd March at 2pm.
Ian Shreeve (OS 1961) 8th February 2017 Mr Shreeve left the school in 1961.
Paul Birchenough (OS 1973) 5th January 2017 Mr Birchenough left the school in 1973.
George Birtles (OS 1944) 25th December 2016 Mr Birtles left the school in 1943.
Brian Richardson (OS 1946) 5th December 2016 Mr Richardson left the school in 1946.
David Wetters (OS 1948) 1st November 2016 Mr Wetters left the school in 1948.
Robert Haszeldine (OS 1942) 13th October 2016 Professor Haszeldine's funeral was held on Friday 11th November 2016.
David Brierley (OS 1955) 31st August 2016 Mr Brierley left the school in 1955.
Michael Holt (OS 1954) 25th September 2016 Mr Holt left the school in 1954.
Donald Roberts (OS - former Head of Classics and Second Master) 14th September 2016 A selection of thoughts from former pupils, colleagues and friends of Mr Roberts has been collated.
Sue Town (OS - Former Maths Teacher) 5th July 2016 Mrs Town was a former Maths teacher.
Nathan ‘Allan’ Haworth (OS 1947) 19th June 2016 Mr Haworth's funeral was held on Tuesday 28th June 2016.
Howard Gregory (OS 1965) 1st January 2016 Mr Gregory left the school in 1965.
Ian Mellor (OS - former Headmaster 1996-2005) 1st April 2016 An obituary has been provided.
Vaughan Wilcock (OS 1967) 16th February 2016 Mr Vaughan’s cremation was held on Friday 26th February 2016. Donations were made to St Ann’s Hospice and The Christie Hospital.
Dr Peter Fogg (OS 1948) 13th February 2016 Notice from Hilary, Chris, Mark and Neil Hobbs provided.
Trevor Bradshaw (OS 1959) 7th February 2016 Mr Bradshaw's funeral was held on Wednesday 17th February 2016.
Mark Minshall (OS 1938) 19th January 2016 Mr Minshall left the school in 1938.
Mark Knowles (OS 1981) 1st December 2015 Mr Knowles died aged 52.
Dr John Rimington (OS 1941) 20th December 2015 An obituary has been provided.
Colin G. Smith (OS 1951) 15th November 2015 An obituary has been provided.
Dr John Lansbury (OS 1958) 22nd October 2015 Dr Lansbury's funeral was held on Friday 6th November 2015.
Mr Colin Dunkerley (OS 1983-1993, Former Member of Staff) 19th October 2015 Tributes have been provided.
Mr Geoffrey Mitchell (OS 1937) Mr Mitchell left the school in 1937.
Peter Massey (OS 1951) 16th September 2015 A tribute to the much respected BBC Producer and Old Stopfordian, Peter Massey, has been provided by his friend Helen Keating.
Nicholas Henshall (OS 1964, Former Member of Staff & Former Governor) 16th September 2015 The family of Nicholas Henshall have asked us to pass on their sincere thanks and appreciation for all the kind words of condolence and letters of sympathy received from Old Stops, colleagues and friends at SGS. Appreciations written by Professor Armitage, Graham Earles and Tim Woffenden.
Dr Edward Peter Copp (OS 1945) 15th September 2015 Dr Copp left the school in 1945.
Fred Berry (OS 1949) 5th September 2015 Mr Berry was a former pupil, OSA President and Golf Society member.
Charles Speight (OS 1944 & Former Chairman of Governors) 4th August 2015 Obituary provided by Mr J Barnes.
Dr Eric Whittaker (OS 1936) Dr Whittaker left the school in 1936.
Alan Peter Smith (OS 1987, Former Member of Staff) 18th May 2015 Mr Smith taught at Stockport Grammar School between 1950 and 1987.
Roy Clough (OS 1941) 17th May 2015 Tribute provided by his friend Mr Leigh.
Brian Bouskill (OS 1947) 13th May 2015 Mr Bouskill left the school in 1947.
Mary Abraham (OS 1944, Former Member of Staff) 10th May 2015 Miss Abraham taught at Stockport Grammar School between 1941 and 1944.
Donald Smith (OS 1952) An obituary has been provided.
Kathy Gregg (OS - Former Teacher) 19th April 2015 Mrs Gregg was a former Junior School teacher.
David Whieldon (OS 1990) 1st March 2015 Friends of Mr Whieldon can get in contact with his family by contacting the School.
Geoffrey Booth (OS 1951) 26th February 2015 Mr Booth left the school in 1951.
Thomas A Clark, CBE (OS 1967) 11th February 2015 Mr Clark was awarded CBE for services to central banking.
Anthony Boyd (OS 1959) 7th February 2015 A tribute has been provided from his family.
Richard John Griffiths (OS 1969) 31st January 2015 An obituary has been provided.
Stanley Geoffrey Lees (OS 1949) 25th January 2015 An obituary has been provided.
Robert Neville Hankinson (OS 1949) 10th January 2015 An obituary has been provided.
Jessie Thompson (OS 1944) 4th January 2015 Miss Jessie Thompson was a former teacher.
John Brookes (OS 1955) 19th October 2014 OSA president 1980 to 1981.
John Hardy Price (OS 1947) 1st October 2014 An update on Mr Price has been provided.
Rupert Gurney (OS 1934) 15th September 2014 Mr Gurney left the school in 1934.
Lisa Murphy (OS 2005, Former Member of Staff) 10th September 2014 Lisa was a former English teacher.
Ronald Denys Boyle (OS 1946) 17th August 2014 Mr Boyle left the school in 1946.
Stephen Taylor (OS 1971) 12th August 2014 A tribute has been provided by Mr Taylor's wife.
RM Willcock (OS 1941) 30th June 2014 Senior prefect Mr Wilcock passed away in Vancouver, Canada.
Ian P Chadwick (OS 1957) 1st February 2014 Mr Chadwick left the school in 1957.
Alan Lingard (OS 1949) 1st July 2014 Mr Lingard left the school in 1949.
Eric Minshall (OS 1940) 29th October 2013 Mr Minshall left the school in 1940.
Keith F Turner (OS 1952) 17th June 2013 Mr Turner left the school in 1952.
Dr George Yule (OS 1946) 26th September 2013 Dr Yule left the school in 1946.
Ernest Jackson “Jack” Cockroft (OS 1932) Mr Cockroft left the school in 1932.