Sport and PE

Stockport Grammar School provides exceptional sporting opportunities for every child. We offer a diverse and inclusive programme of activities in which every pupil participates, through our curriculum and extensive co-curricular programme (below). In addition to being inclusive, we aspire to the highest level of elite performance in our major games: our teams achieve national success and many of our pupils attain representative honours, including international selection.

The activities on offer are designed to be enjoyable and to challenge pupils’ physical abilities. We also aim to provide as many as possible with the opportunity to represent the school.

All welcome – regular commitment is expected but can join anytime.

Activity Day, time Location Terms Year Groups
Archery Thursday 1.00pm Pav Gym All All
Badminton Club Blue Thursday 1.05pm Sports Hall All First to Fourth Year
Climbing Club Friday 3.50pm (All years), 
Friday 12.30pm (Fourth Years)
Climbing Wall All All
Contemporary Dance Club Thursday 4pm Exhibition Room All Second Year and Up
Fencing Thursday 4.15pm Pav gym All All
First Year Climbing Club Friday 1.00pm Climbing Wall All First Year
Football Tuesday 4.00pm, 
Saturday mornings
Field All Second and Third Year
Frisbee Monday 1.05pm Sports Hall All First to Third Year
Golf Club Friday 4.00pm Jan (Sports Hall) Spring & Summer All
Gym Club Friday 12.30pm Gym All All
Intermiate / Advanced Dancers Group Friday 12.30pm Exhibition Room All All
Kayaking Club Thursday 3.50pm Pool Autunm & Spring First to Third Year
Lower School Basketball Club Monday 12:30pm Sports Hall First two First to Third Year
Netball Shooting Monday 1.05pm Netball Courts All All
Scuba diving Club TBC TBC All All
Skiing lessons Tuesday 5.30pm Chill Factore First two All
Table tennis Wednesday 1.05pm Pav gym All First to Third Year
Third Year Cricket Tuesday 4.00pm, 
Thursday 12:30pm, 
Saturday am
Fields Summer Third Year
Triathlon Club Tuesday 12.30pm Fields All All
Senior Hockey Wednesday 3.50pm Fields All All
Street Jazz Tuesday 4pm Exhibition Room All All
U12 Cricket Tuesdays 4.00pm, 
Saturday am
Nets Summer First Year
U12 Football Tuesdays 4.00pm, 
Saturday am
Fields Autumn and Spring First Year
U12 Hockey Thursday 12.30pm, 3.50pm Fields All First Year
U12 Netball Monday 3.50pm,
Thursday 5pm
Netball Courts All First Year
U13 / U14 Rugby Autumn Term – Saturdays Fields Autumn Second and Third Year
U13 Cricket TBC TBC Summer Second Year
U13 Hockey Monday 3.50pm Fields All Second Year
U13 Netball Thursday 3.50pm Fields All Second Year
U13 / U14 Netball Tuesday 12.30pm,
Wednesday 3.50pm
Netball Courts All Second and Third Year
U14 Netball Monday 3.50pm Netball Courts All Third Year
U14 / U15 Hockey Tuesday 3.50pm Fields All Third and Fourth Year
U15 Cricket Thursday 4:00pm, 
Saturdays am
Nets Summer Fourth Year
U15 / U16 & Senior Netball Tuesday 3.50pm Netball Courts All Fourth and Fifth Year
Year Dance Club Monday 12.35pm Exhibition Room All First and Second Year
Upper School Basketball Club Thursday 12:30pm Sports Hall All Fourth to Sixth Form